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AGS Engineering Services is an emerging company providing Substation Solutions up to 400KV with the skilled engineers and State of the art Test instruments.

Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm P.O. Box 12507, Upanga, Ilala CBD, Dar es salaam, Tanzania +255 733 709 999 +255 739 336 699 ags@agsengineering.co.tz
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Testing & Commissioning

  • Testing and Commissioning of GIS up to 400kV.
  • Testing and commissioning of Switch Yard up to 400kV.
  • Testing and commissioning of LT & MV Switch gears.
  • Testing and commissioning of LT & MV Motors and Drives
  • Testing and commissioning of Distribution & Power Transformers.
  • Testing and commissioning of Generator AVR.
  • Transformer Differential Stability, Generator Stability, Overall stability, Busbar
    Stability, Motor Differential Stability, Line Differential, End to End test & etc…
  • Testing and commissioning of Electro mechanical, Static & Numerical Relays.
  • Trouble shooting of Switch gears, Switch Yards, Power Plants, Process Plants & etc.
  • Insulation Resistance measurement.
  • Winding Resistance measurement.
  • Turns Ratio measurement.
  • Tan Delta & Capacitance measurement.
  • Contact Resistance using micrometer.
  • Dynamic Contact Resistance measurement.
  • Short Circuit impedance measurement
  • No load loss measurement (open circuit test).
  • Power Factor Measurement.
  • Breaker Timing measurement
  • Testing & commissioning of Electro mechanical, Static relays and Configuration,
  • Testing & commissioning of Numerical relays.
  • LCM (Leakage current measurement).
  • Battery & Battery charger testing and commissioning.
  • Partial Discharge test.
  • Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA) test
  • Thermo vision – Temperature measurement at live conductor’s joints.
  • Harmonic analysis.
  • Power line carrier communication.